Friday, January 20th , 2023

10:45  ET
16:45 CET

Opening Remarks, Giveaway Announcement

BBJO Hosts – David Burns,  Jimmy Jensen, and Nick Miceli

11:00 ET
17:00 CET

Building a Hitting System

Jason Ochart – Director of Hitting Boston Red Sox & Driveline Baseball

12:00 ET
18:00 CET

Developing a Baseball Skill Set

John Vodenlich – Head Coach (19 years), University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

12:55 ET
18:55 CET

What you are doing the First 30 Minutes of Practice

Bill Percy – St. Mary’s High School, Colorado Springs / ABCA Hall of Famer

13:50 ET
19:50 CET

Developing the Youth Player

Mark Fuller – Assistant Coach, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

14:45 ET
20:45 CET

Hitting: The Absolutes

Pat Bailey – Former Head Coach, Oregon State University

15:30 ET
21:30 CET

Hot Stove Q & A

All Friday Speakers

*Recordings of speakers will be available to all registered attendees after the event

Saturday, January 21st , 2023

03:00 ET
09:00 CET

Morning Opening Remarks, Saturday Giveaway Announcement

BBJO Hosts – Jimmy Jensen and Nick Miceli

03:15 ET
09:15 CET

Mental Mondays: Developing a Mental Approach

Andrew Kachel – Head Coach, Northeastern Colorado Junior College

04:10 ET
10:10 CET

Athletic Development for Hitting

Alper Bozkurt – Youth Sports Coordinator, Untouchables Paderborn / Asst. Coach, U18 German NT 

05:05 ET
11:05 CET

Developing Pitchers with Limited Resources

Clemens Cichocki – “Bundesstützpunkttrainer”, Bonn Capitals / Pitching Coach, U18 German National Team

05:50 ET
11:50 CET

Lunch Break (Recording Played)

Recording will be played of a special guest coach and topic

06:15 ET
12:15 CET

Isolating the Infielder: Breaking Them Down to Build Them Up!

Darren Fenster – Boston Red Sox Infield Coordinator / 2020 U.S.A. Olympic Team 3rd Base Coach

07:00 ET
13:00 CET

Practice Organization: Thinking Outside the Box

Pete Caliendo – Baseball USA Coach & International Sports Group

07:55 ET
13:55 CET

Catching: New Age Receiving

Jerry Weinstein – Colorado Rockies Scouting and Player Development

08:50 ET
14:50 CET

College Recruiting 101: What You Need to Know!

Jeff Brabant – Head Coach, Miles Community College, Montana

09:45 ET
15:45 CET

Player Development with Every Swing

Kyle Attl and Mike Woods from Blast Motion

10:15 ET
16:15 CET

Hot Stove Q & A

With Saturday Speakers

10:45 ET
16:45 CET

Closing Remarks

BBJO Hosts

*Recordings of speakers will be available to all registered attendees after the event

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*Recordings of speakers will be available to all registered attendees after the event